Our goal is to bring a smile to your face and a kick in your step but it's not just about looking great. We are Rebels with a Cause.

Every month we donate socks to the Women's Daytime Drop-In Center in Berkeley CA. A non-profit organization that provides a safe space, warm meals, counseling and support to homeless women and their children during the day when shelters are typically closed. They serve an average of 150 women and children each month and we are proud to partner with them to give one of the most requested items... socks.  

Each month, we donate the same high quality, beautifully designed and colorful socks that we sell, because it is important to us that each and every Untold Rebel feels and looks amazing in their socks.

Monthly Sock Donation

Socks are one of the most requested and needed items in homeless shelters so each month, Untold Rebel donates 40 pairs of the same fun and colorful socks we sell

A Home When There Isn't One 

We partnered with the WDDC because they 

provide a safe space, warm meals, counseling and 

support to homeless women and their children 

during the day when shelters are typically closed.

Women's Empowerment 

WDDC is women helping women! As a female-founded company, we are excited to partner with a non-profit that not only helps women but builds female empowerment.


Wanderlust Collection

Mix & mismatched 4 sock sets inspired by our passion for adventure and travel. Have fun and mix them to your mood or whichever ones you happen to find in the morning.

Artist Collection

Ashley Mary x Untold Rebel artist collaboration. Ashley Mary’s art taps into concepts of youth, playfulness and curiosity through the use of vibrant colors and organic shapes.


Day to Night Collection

Sometimes simplicity wins. This collection is for the days you want to be the person with the coolest socks in the room, but also give the rest of your outfit time to shine.