Why don't you sell your socks in pairs?

Whether you’re a hip trendsetter or just can’t ever find a matching pair of socks, with Untold Rebels in your sock drawer, you won’t know which one’s which. All our socks are in mix and mismatch packs of four singles (2 pairs). So depending on your mood or whichever ones you happen to find in the morning, you’ll be ready to rock your day in comfort and style. Even if the dryer eats a sock, you’ll still have 3 left to mix and mismatch!

What does 200 needles mean? 

The needle refers to the count measured for the knit of the socks. They come in 64, 144 and 200 needles. 200 needle is the highest possible count in sock manufacturing. This means a stronger knit that provides superior elasticity and extra durability for years to come.

What is terry cushioning?

All our socks are equipped with soft terry cushioning, similar to what you would feel with a super plush luxury towel. Our terry is strategically positioned in the heel and toe. Heel cushioning provides shock relief. Toe cushioning help wick sweat and absorb moisture since the toe area is where most of the sweat glands are on your feet. Our zoned terry means happy, dry feet all day long.

What is combed cotton?

Combed cotton is a premium fiber that’s softer and stronger than regular cotton. After harvesting, the fibers are cleaned to get rid of dirt, seeds and other impurities. It is then combed, leaving only long straight fibers that that is twisted and spun into yarn. Due to the longer twisted cotton slivers, combed cotton is less prone to wear and breakage.

How does antimicrobial tech work?

We use the latest techniques in fabric tech to bring you the most effective odor-free socks in the history of feet. Our yarns are impregnated with antimicrobial treatment that fend off the growth of odor-causing bacteria. Multiple lab tests have shown that our antimicrobial treatment is over 99% effective even after 30+ washes. We guarantee you will have stink free socks or your money back. No questions asked.

Why do I need arch compression?

The extra tightness around the arch of your feet help provide much needed blood circulation.

What is a seamless toe?

Many socks have an annoying seam that runs across the interior right above the toe area. We use the latest Italian knitting machine to have a smooth seamless closure.

What's up with the pilling?

All cotton pills. It's the name of the game. It occurs when there is friction between the cotton fiber rubbing against your shoes or with other fabrics in the washer and dryer. Since we are committed to only using the highest quality natural fibers like cotton, we're afraid pilling is unavoidable! 

Should I size up if I have wide calves? 

Absolutely! We have only 2 sizes and recommend sizing up for a more comfortable fit. Check out our sizing chart here

Who makes your socks?

Our socks are ethically made in a family run factory in Shetou, a sleepy town in central Taiwan. Our partner factory has over three decades of sock manufacturing experience. All they make are socks and they do an exceptional job. Learn more about them here

Why donate? 

Since we are so passionate about travel, we wanted to provide others with the same opportunity to experience the global classroom. That’s why we chose to donate 10% of net profits to various student field trips through Donor’s Choose. As a crowdfunding platform for public school teachers, Donor’s Choose provides much-needed classroom materials and experiences for students across the US. Learn more here

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